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A great wedding day is the result of a long work where Bride & Groom are the protagonists and everything will go flawlessly  and become “The Day”. From flowers to party organization, from the ceremony to car and all the things that contribute to success of your Fab Day.

A photographer is the person whose responsibility is to “freeze” the happening for future memories. It’s the reason why before choosing a photographer you should have a talk with him or her and be sure his/her style and professional skills are well established. Always ask for a free chat by person and have a look at the photographer’s portfolio.

I started my professional career in 2006 after some 30 years of practice and expertise. My love for photography it is expressed through my images. I believe in photography as a wittness of the time. I always struggle to refine and improve my style so my images can retain their original fresness through the years to come. I love my work, I love my passion.


Simonetta Ecchia

Lake Como - 2014
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