Simonetta Ecchia

The Italian Way

Born some years ago in the Country of the Arts and Culture I’ve been in love with phoyography since I was a girl.
My father gave me a small pocket camera as a birthday gift since he, as well, was a passionate amateur photographer.

I’ve always loved to take pictures of people and landscape. My husband Pietro is the web designer who made this website for me. He’s been a professional photographer him too and he pushed my passion into professional approach by teaching me how to manage a professional studio and how to approach my customers. I had a previous experience in facing people since I’ve been a Financial Advisor for more than 20 years.
In my life I’ve taken thousands of pictures refining my style and knowledge. I got specialized into wedding photography since 2006 and realized more than two hundreds wedding services until today. A work I love is to take children into their more relaxed and natural poses.

In 2014 we moved from Italy to Ireland because we were involved into a commercial commitment in Donegal, where we have been living for 3 years befor moving to Manorhamilton). Ireland has been a love at first sight and this lifestyle is what we were looking for. At the end  of the day you don’t work just for money but for your own satisfaction and Irish people is so friendly.

At the moment I’m working from home and my next goal will be to have a dedicated studio where to have a shooting/pose room expecially for portraits and children. I have a great skill about the post-production process of the digital images.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for any further information. Have a great day!

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