I began to be a photographer many years ago. There was no digital equipment then and the only choice I had, to improve my passion for the photography, was to achieve a good technical and compositive knowledge through the use of SLR cameras and colour-slide or black and white films.

Spending a lot of time in the darkroom, developing and printing my own images, gave me a perfect control over the entire process, from the shot to the hang-wall picture. That made me a complete photographer. I always loved the landscape and travel photography. I took pictures in Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Egypt, Tunisia, France, Greece, Cuba, Hong Kong, Bali island, Maldives, Seychelles islands.

In my opinion, photography, is the way to catch the passing of the time, and details that are really difficult to observe without the aid of a camera.

Since 2008 I started my professional career as a photographer.

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